We are proud to be with you since 1975…

Anilsan, a leading company in manufacturing and exporting textile products, was established in 1975 in Bursa region of Turkey where the world’s finest towels have been made since the Middle Ages and where some of the finest cotton in the world is grown.

It occupies a covered space of 22.000 m2.

Anilsan is equipped with high technology and works with very experienced and qualified employees. The annual production is about 1500 tons.

Quality standard of the products are at the level to compete with those of any well known companies of the world.

With the quality and competitive prices, Anilsan exports %80 of the total production to USA, UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Guatemala, Australia,Switzerland,Russia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Spain, Crotia, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.